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The XC300 features a high-capacity lithium-ion battery for extremely long-term interventions to effectively meet any need and allows users in the industrial and construction sector to perform real-time measurements with high native resolution using the many integrated measurement functions, video recordings in fully radiometric real time with high resolution sensor, real and infrared image combinations, daylight images, comprehensive on-site analysis and optional voice recordings via Bluetooth: high quality analysis software for valid documentation is already included in the standard equipment.

With its many innovative features the XC300 is up to the requirements of the building sector and is also suitable for use in other demanding application areas such as electrothermography or preventive maintenance in the industrial sector. 

Excellent as a diagnostic tool in construction and for industrial applications

The heart of the XC infrared camera consists of a 384 x 288 pixel high-resolution infrared sensor with 110,592 independent temperature measuring points. The camera provides completely radiometric images with a detailed representation of the details, even in the presence of minimal temperature differences.

Infrared photography can be saved not only as a single image, but also as a video in MPEG-4 format directly in the camera (non-radiometric images) or, alternatively, can even be transferred to a PC as a fully radiometric infrared video and thanks to the 50/60-Hz technology, it can then be recorded and analyzed in real time. 

The robust construction of the XC300 allows for trouble-free extended operation even on construction sites with harsh conditions. The XC300 is realized with a two-component shockproof structure with IP54 protection class and, thanks to the uncooled microbolometer technology, it allows to do without the regular maintenance or calibration operations. 




  • ✔ Tracking everyday activities: accurately records everyday activities such as steps, distance, calories burned.16 hours of real-time heart rate monitoring to help you learn about your health. Carefully and effectively sleep quality analysis helping you adapt to a healthier lifestyle.
  • ✔ Multi-sport mode and integrated GPS: 8 training modes help to better understand specific activity data; The integrated GPS is able to track your position and the trajectory in a precise way and to create your own itinerary of activity.
  • ✔ Built-in Altimeter / Barometer / Thermometer: Measure the altitude / air pressure and air temperature accurately to help you make the journey as an adventurer.